শিশু নির্যাতনের উপর সচেতনতা প্রোগ্রাম

শেরপুর রামচন্দ্রপুর উচ্চ বিদ্যালয় 23/06/2018

(English) They had no idea what Swayangsiddha is and how it works or even, why it works. But the moment their little sisters and brothers told at home what their teachers say in the classes specially meant for 'Child protection', it was as if an awakening for them. Manjushree, Sayani, Ananya, Suchandra, Swagata, Laboni, Shubhasis, Pritam, Subhadip, Rudra, Arindam, Pallab, Sadik, Asgar, Alamgir, felt for doing something. This nagging urgency to do something, made them form a group, take the initiative and have a go. Before all these, it was a late morning call from Sayani, a parting student of our Sherpur Ramchandrapur High School, that at first baffled me and then prompted me to give her a positive and inspiring response. She said, 'Sir, we wanna raise our voice, join hands and stand firm in face of the menace like CHILD ABUSE. Sir, we wanna work. We have already formed a group 'Agiye Eso' (Come Forward) and decided to organize an awareness campaign but the response from the local people is not that encouraging. We have learnt from you what Swayangsiddha does through out the state. We are looking forward to hearing from you. ' To me, such a response from a rural Sherpur girl was first of its kind. Undoubtedly, the initiative was a result of what we did in the classwise Swayangsiddha campaigns. What to say?? What can a teacher say or do when he or she hears such inspiring things from one of the dearest students? We did what we should. We instantly informed Surabhi Sarkar and Santu Guchait about the initiative. Our priority was to bring all these young aspirants under the sheltering umbrella of 'Swayangsiddha' to free them from any external negative pressure that might come to stall the effort. The authorities of Sherpur Ramchandrapur High School and Sherpur Model School came up with positive intent to make the programme a grand success. The running and ex students of the two schools, localites, local administration, BDO (Magrahat -1), O.C (Usthi PS), Pradhan, Sherpur Gram Panchayet, all were jubilant. With the caring and thoughtful instructions of the Swayangsiddha officials 'Egiye Eso' made it. The students organized the programme at Sherpur Model School premises on the last Saturday (23/06/2018) at 3-30pm. Before it there was numerous meetings, plannings, idea sharings with their Surabhididi and Santudada, followed by the back breaking efforts of drawing posters, pictures and handmade banners. On the very day the nature was all set to dampen the spirit of our warriors. But that did not happen. An inspiring phone call from our honourable Additional Superintendent of Police Mr. Chandrasekhar Bardhan redoubled our courage. He thanked us for whatever we are doing to save the youth from sinking into the abyss of dungeon. We were a bit apprehensive regarding the public attendance. But in reality the attendance proved to be far beyond our expectation. People came with spontaneity, responded positively and finally vowed to work in tandem to the fight the menace. We inwardly felt that the programme somehow reached their heart and gave them enough vent to express what they had in store for years. Right now, there is no stopping for our warriors. Pallab Sengupta Teacher Sherpur Ramchandrapur High School Sherpur


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