Cottage Scheme-Scheme for the welfare of children in need of care and protection

Gender : Male/Female     Category : SC/ST/OBC/GEN

Rapid urbanization and industrialization contributes increasingly to the problem of destitution. The problem is on the increase, especially among children, due to continuous migration of families from rural to urban areas in search of employment and work. The inadequacy of housing facilities in urban areas, forces them to live under slum conditions. This in turn contributes to the increase in destitution and delinquency. Increasing number of child beggars found in metropolitan and industrial cities is only a symptom of the larger problem of destitution.


The programme includes ameliorative services of food, shelter, clothing, medical attention and curative services of education, prevocational and vocational training, vocational guidance, recreation and cultural development and citizenship education. It is an effort to make the children grow up as responsible citizen and job worthy.


Criteria for admission of children into Children’s Home:
(i) Children who do not have parent or any near relative.
(ii) Children who have single parent families, like husband is dead or imprisoned or separated or vice versa and where the income of the family is less than 250 per month.

Contact Department

Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal 

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