Awareness Campaign to Prevent Human Trafficking and Child Marriage

Swayangsiddha’ is a unique initiative by West Bengal Police against human trafficking and child marriage. The initiative began in June, 2016 under the aegis of West Bengal Police. In 2017, ‘Swayangsiddha’ initiative was further supported by UNICEF, State Child Protection Society and banglanatak dot com. The aim was set up Swayansiddha Group comprising of students between the age group 12 – 21 and raise general awareness against social perils like human trafficking and child marriage.

The word ‘Swayandsiddha’ denotes self – reliance.  Various school / college administration and students would take active part in forming Swayangsiddha Group. They would map the resources of their respective village, form a transparent idea about the human resources, and prepare a list cultural heritage and folk art / artists of their village. The group would identify the vulnerable and imperilled families of the village and create awareness about human trafficking and child marriage and link them to various government schemes. The Swayangsiddha Group would create awareness by celebrating various important days, draw posters, graphiti and organise rally. Apart from these activities, the members of the Swayangsiddha Group would join as volunteers with the NGOs who work for child welfare and protection. The groups would be aided by West Bengal Police, BLCPC, Shikshabandhu, and local para – legal volunteers, Anwesha Clinic and members of Panchayat / ward.

Till date, School Outreach Programme has covered many schools to create awareness against human trafficking and child marriage. In the programme, the students were made sentient about the aim behind forming Swayangsiddha Group and its functions. It has been found that students with great enthusiasm have formed the same.  In the meantime a few of the Swayangsiddha groups conducted rally to increase awareness against child marriage and human trafficking in their respective area.